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We Know NEMT Better

Through years of serving transportation services to meet our clientele’s requirements, R & R TRANSPORTATION LLC has continuously improved its implementation and evaluation. We do our best to be able to meet the requests of our clients for non-emergency medical transportation.

List of Services

senior patient in the medical van
  • Wheelchair transport
    We have wheelchair-accessible vehicles which provide a better transportation option for passengers with mobility difficulties. Our competent drivers can safely take our clients to and from any destination they prefer and give them the support they require while on the road.
  • Transportation to and from dialysis
    Trips to and from dialysis centers should not be a barrier to patients going through their dialysis treatments. That is why provide them with safe and timely transportation services through our reliable drivers to ensure that they ride with ease and comfort whenever they need to undergo their dialysis sessions.
  • Rehabilitation center transportation
    We understand how important it is for individuals regaining their mobility or those who have gone through rehabilitative treatments to be able to transport safely and conveniently considering they have specialized mobility needs. It’s for this reason that we have vehicles tailored to meet their unique requirements while traveling to and from the rehabilitation centers.
  • Transportation support for hospital admission and discharge
    It is vital to have a reliable transportation system which patients can rely on when they are admitted to or discharged from the hospital. With this in mind, we make sure to give that kind of support to each client so they can have a hassle-free ride while making their health needs a priority while on the road.
  • Transportation to and from senior centers
    Our team offers door-to-door and inter-facility travel option for seniors who are unable to ride conventionally. Through our trustworthy drivers, we ensure their safety and comfort as they are transported to and from senior centers.
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
    One of the factors that cause patients, seniors, or any individuals to delay or miss their medical appointments is the unavailability of transportation and other matters related to it. We aim to lessen or even prevent this kind of situation from happening by providing NEMT services. Our drivers can give each of our clients a ride whenever they ask us for assistance for their travel needs to and from their medical or doctor’s appointments.
  • And any private pay situations such as weddings, funerals, etc.
    We do not only provide healthcare-related transportation solutions to our clients. We can also serve their general travel needs, such as going to and from birthday celebrations, family gatherings, weddings, or any other social events they wish to attend. Our goal is to make their experience for such occasions or events memorable and special without worrying about their transportation needs.

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